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Three floors conveyor

Conveyor made of stainless steel for it's corrosion resistance characteristics. The frame consists of one moulded metal structures to support all the conveyor’s transmission systems, and the geared motor. The height of the conveyor is adjustable by means of a handwheel placed between the front legs, the inclined plane is 3 m long and 0.5 wide. In...
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Tank used to filter and give the possibility to circulate to the refrigerating oil coming out from the tools machines. They are equippep with a simple belt filter easy to change once runned out, pump for the release of high and low pressure and electronic float in order to keep the refrigerating oil conrolled...
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Box Server

Box server is an automatic store with high capacity for serving presses for small components. It can carry plastic and cardboard boxes and it guarantees an equal filling thanks to the pieces counter and the sideshifting mtion of the boxes during the loading.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynDfZ46WxX4[/embed]...
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