Chain conveyors

  • “S” conveyor
    “S” conveyor

    New model of chain conveyor tabletop with displacement between axle charging and discharging axis workpiece. The double chain allows the...

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  • Conveyor under press
    Conveyor under press

    For the lateral movement of the sheet metal we studied this conveyor formed by 5 catenary narrow driven by a...

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  • 180°curved and light conveyor
    180°curved and light conveyor

    180°curved conveyor useful for inverting the production line way, saving this way work areas for other operations. Plastic chain suitable...

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  • Scraps evacuator
    Scraps evacuator

    Big scraps evacuator, it has a metal belt in order to carry big strains and to guarantee long life to...

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  • Special conveyor 1
    Special conveyor 1

    Belt conveyor made on request from the costumer, useful to carry in equal way all parts so as to make...

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  • Single chain conveyor
    Single chain conveyor

    Studied to guarantee a certain stability for, it must resist high pressures. It is composed by a tank for the...

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  • Mini chain conveyor
    Mini chain conveyor

    Small chain conveyor with plastic top chains divided in two runners due to the necessity to have the smaller dimensions....

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  • Conveyor with metal belt
    Conveyor with metal belt

    Made to automatize the problem of the evacuation of chips from under the press of the tool machine where usually...

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  • Assembly line
    Assembly line

    Assembly line with the motion of the trays by step thanks to sequencers with pneumatic and automatic movements. On request,...

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  • Infeed conveyor S shaped
    Infeed conveyor S shaped

    The S shaped conveyor shown in the picture was projected to be used as an infeed conveyor at the beginning...

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  • Divisible chain conveyor
    Divisible chain conveyor

    This chain conveyor was made on request. It is divided in two parts with two different engines. The peculiarity is...

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  • Conveyor with plastic top chains
    Conveyor with plastic top chains

    Small Conveyor with plastic top chains born to be put inside small tools machines for the evacuation of finished parts...

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  • Double chain conveyor
    Double chain conveyor

    This conveyor was given to the costumers in order to extend the assembly line. It is made of two lines...

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  • Metal belt conveyor
    Metal belt conveyor

    Installation made of an hopper, a grinder and two metal belt conveyors. Salmec gave to the grinder productor the hopper...

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  • Assembly line 2
    Assembly line 2

    Costum-made assembly line with chain conveyor, integrated circuit air for the three assembly work stations and a dedicated area for...

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  • Belt conveyor with reverser
    Belt conveyor with reverser

    This conveyor was born from the necessity to reverse pieces once they were transferred from one place of the line...

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  • Accumulation conveyor
    Accumulation conveyor

    Double accumulation conveyor, made to be placed side by side with automatic and parallel lathes with two exits for the...

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