Enterprise description

Why to choose Salmec, products?

  1. Ability to collaborate and undertstand the costumers’ necessity: our technicians will cooperate with you and will make you take part at every step which is necessary for the product development.
  2. Ability to include more areas in the mechanical sector: the story and the products made until today confirm it clearly: exceptional flexibility, inventiveness and efficiency are just three of our main characteristics.
  3. High level carpentry: our welder technicians have a lot of experience. This leads to top quality finishings and respect for the tolerance of the project even in high dimensions products.
  4. Top after-sales service: once the product is installed, salmec continues its partnership with a maintenance service available in 24 hours depending on the type of problem.
  5. Long lasting search for news in favour of costumers: from the special machine to balustrade for the construction industry, salmec is always searching for the market news in order to offer an avant-garde product always.
  6. We offer original contributions in overcoming some difficulties in the technological problems.