Special machines


    The manual mechanical loader is an equipment that resolves the problem of lifting of the boxes full of  small metal...

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  • Manual winder
    Manual winder

    Manual winder for soft and elastic profiles, perforated and not squeezable, equipped with a lever system for locking the coil...

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  • Solder mask
    Solder mask

    Mask for automatic welding with terminals crankshafts quick and easy to maneuver that secure the workpiece in a stable manner,...

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  • Automatic hammer
    Automatic hammer

    Automatic hammer for rusticate precast concrete making them anti slip. In the picture in question there is drains for the...

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  • Tank of oil transfer
    Tank of oil transfer

    Handcart with tank that makes effective, quick and clean the filling or the simple refilling of the oil power tank...

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  • Brushing for banks
    Brushing for banks

    Brushing for banks is composed by two brushing rollers adjustable in high that, turning one way opposite to the other,...

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    Tank used to filter and give the possibility to circulate to the refrigerating oil coming out from the tools machines....

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  • Box Server
    Box Server

    Box server is an automatic store with high capacity for serving presses for small components. It can carry plastic and...

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  • Box server 2
    Box server 2

    Piccolo banco rotante a settori, da accoppiare in uscita alle linee di produzione. Una volta messo in posizione il banco,...

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  • Infeed rotary table for assembly lines
    Infeed rotary table for assembly lines

    Infeed rotary table for assembly lines: you can charge it with 4 steel unistandard baskets in order to stoke the...

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  • Winder for rubber 2
    Winder for rubber 2

    Automatic winder for rubber ideal for different types of seals. The new fixing system of the cardboard coil makes the...

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  • Degreasing machine
    Degreasing machine

    Stainless steel tank, with a roller that goes up and down, connected to an air piston valve. On the roller...

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  • Furnace for the rubber vulcanization
    Furnace for the rubber vulcanization

    Furnace for the rubber vulcanization, completely insulated with a recirculation for the air indoor. Equipped with several extractable shelves in...

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  • Winder for rubber panels
    Winder for rubber panels

    Winder placed at the end of the production line for rubber panels. It windes automatically the coil that will be...

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  • Double axis mechanical manipulator
    Double axis mechanical manipulator

    Mechanical manipulator with 4 axis, used to unload finished parts at the end of the production line. Thanks to some...

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  • Rubber Winder
    Rubber Winder

    Plane winder for rubber, with automatic control of the speed of the rotation table. This winder is placed at the...

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  • Brushing

    Brushing maual machine with a light and adjustable attachment and handles to drive the brushing in security. Ideal for those...

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  • Vibrating table
    Vibrating table

    This vibrating table has been made in order to be paired with a measuring system. The parts, which are passed...

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  • Measuring visual system
    Measuring visual system

    Machine for the measuring control on parts exiting the high speed press. The parts are directly put on the belt...

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  • Washing line
    Washing line

    This washhing island is made by an harmonic steel plane and a central guide at the upper level, plus two...

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  • Saw for cement poles
    Saw for cement poles

    This special machine was born for the cement poles industry. It is made from a front part which is a...

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  • Pantograph table with roller
    Pantograph table with roller

    Pantograph table with retractable roller that helps in first place to drag the part on the worktable, and in second...

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  • Belt conveyor with reverser
    Belt conveyor with reverser

    This conveyor was born from the necessity to reverse pieces once they were transferred from one place of the line...

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