Belt conveyors

  • Three floors conveyor
    Three floors conveyor

    Conveyor made of stainless steel for it's corrosion resistance characteristics. The frame consists of one moulded metal structures to support...

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  • Height-adjustable belt conveyor
    Height-adjustable belt conveyor

    The conveyor consists of one moulded metal structures to support all the belt transmission systems, and the geared motor. Thwe...

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  • Tapes line
    Tapes line

    Assembly line consists of two benches and two conveyor belt joined together with a tilting mechanism retractable. The tilting mechanism...

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  • Conveyor mesh
    Conveyor mesh

    This conveyor mesh has been studied in order to evacuate cutting scraps falling from dangerous heights for a PVC belt....

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  • Heavy backhoe loader conveyor
    Heavy backhoe loader conveyor

    This type of conveyor belt is suitable for transporting large quantities of material such as sand, cement, crushed stone, peat...

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  • Underpress belt
    Underpress belt

    Conveyor composed by 4 belts, hinged on a structure which goes up and down so as to allow or not...

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  • Swan’s neck Shaped belt
    Swan’s neck Shaped belt

    Swan’s neck Shaped belt, built in modular way so as to bring the costs down and give a high quality...

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  • Conveyor with metal belt
    Conveyor with metal belt

    Made to automatize the problem of the evacuation of chips from under the press of the tool machine where usually...

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  • Belt convey 5
    Belt convey 5

    Belt conveyor adjustable in high. It was born as a conveyor to be placed at the end of a machine...

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  • Belt conveyor 4
    Belt conveyor 4

    Simple belt conveyor with lateral sides made of polizene steel in order to prevent the pieces from being dented. It...

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  • Belt conveyor 3
    Belt conveyor 3

    Simple belt conveyor with stainless steel lateral sides under pressure. It is important to notice the less bulk possible of...

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  • Multiple belt conveyors
    Multiple belt conveyors

    Theese belts conveyors can be regulated on high and paired one with another so as to create an assembly line....

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  • Recliner conveyor
    Recliner conveyor

    Conveyor with inclinable belt, with two photocells in order to count and control pieces. Inclinable capacity goes to 0° until...

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  • Belt conveyor 2
    Belt conveyor 2

    Belt conveyor with lateral adjustable sides. Lenght 450mm x 1m high. At the end of the belt we can find...

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  • Accumulation conveyor
    Accumulation conveyor

    Double accumulation conveyor, made to be placed side by side with automatic and parallel lathes with two exits for the...

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  • Belt conveyor 1
    Belt conveyor 1

    Belt conveyor, dimensions: 1m x 1.50m of lenght with lateral adjustable sides with the belt maximum measure arriving until 0....

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  • Food conveyor
    Food conveyor

    Food conveyor used at the beginning of a line for the working on fresh fruit and vegetables. Made on request...

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  • Washing machine for fresh fruit
    Washing machine for fresh fruit

    Conveyor belt useful for washing fresh fruit such as pears, apples, peaches etc.. . the belt drags the fruit into...

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  • Trimming machine
    Trimming machine

    This machine was born for the industry dedicated to the work of agri-food which had the necessity to automate the...

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