Salmec s.r.l. was born in 1924 when Angelo Bragagnolo, with his experience as a blacksmilth and as a carpenter, with a license as a vapor machines operator, decides to start his own enterprise next door.

Angelo Bragagnolo, with this workshop, wanted to answer to all the local requests of an agricolture which was mechanizing itself into a market which was very dedicated to the various innovative experiences. He put at disposal his capacity of solving the technical problems which his collegues highlighted him in many sectors as mechanics, woodworking and construction industry. In 1985 three sons of Angelo picked up his inheritance and started Salmec, a society that keeps untouched the original philosophy and looks at the technological development and innovation at the same time.

Today, with more than 80 years of experience, salmec offers to the market a big range of innovative products together with the services offer done with great courtesy and efficience. Our company, specialized in the equipments and automations at the machineryside, conveyor belts and actuators with three/four/five axis, is able to satisfy the most various necessities.
Salmec is required by costumers from all parts of Italy, working in many differents areas: mechanics sectors, rubber and plastic materials sectors, cement prefabricated, wood sectors, nurseries and last but not least in the food ones.