Special Machines: automatic solutions to improve the performance

The Automation division is the leading horse of the company; it includes, in addition to the various models of conveyors, a branch dedicated to special machines.
The Special Machines (S.M.) are all those automations that don't exist on current market and which are designed and produced completely in SALMEC. The need of S.M. arises from the necessity to find innovative solutions to improve productivity by speeding up and simplifying the process.The Special Machines ( https://www.salmec.it/en/projects/special-machines/# ) are alone in their kind and they include the most varied industry sectors: starting from the automatic hammer for rusticate precast products, to the oven for vulcanization of rubber, through the various types of Box Server.

Each Special Machine is the result of the SALMEC know how, developed in a working group that includes everyone: the owner, the operator and the design engineer, in close collaboration with the client. The goal is to find the best solution both technically and at the functional level. The philosophy of brainstorming between the employees of all SALMEC departments led to excellent results! Contact us and we will find innovative solutions to your problems.

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