Although the business trend is to establish itself on the market of automations, from transporters to special machines, SALMEC not want to give up the part of the medium-light carpentry market. The flexibility to create different products always puts SALMEC on a higher level than competitors working on standardized products, offering the ability to customize the product from the size, the material to and the color.

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SALMEC over the years has always offered, recommended and product effective solutions for the light carpentry. From the carpentry to the building, gates, railings, parapets, formwork for prefabricated; to the industrial carpentry,manual forklift, work benches, platforms and masks for welding; SALMEC has consistently delivered a quality product according to customer requirements.

The Salmec carpentry ( ) it is the result of requests received from various customers and the SALMEC ability to satisfy fully the demands, guaranteeing the same quality value and accuracy in the details for all the products created.