Certification ISO 9001 Tuv Italy north

ISO 9001 [Italy] en.jpg
After some month of preparation, the Salmec has succeeded to follow through with success one of the main objectives who they had been set in 2015, to receive the certification ISO 9001.

Company SALMEC SRL already practised the method of the continuous improvement like business management rule, but above all as it regulates in to give suitable guarantees of answers to the outsourcers for the elimination of the causes of not conformity. With the introduction of ISO 9001 our company has now lines guides to conform the management of non- compliance through the recording of them, procedure that allows a simple and fast management of errors.
The Audit executed from the external agency, in specific the TUV Italy north, has not evidenced problems in the business management, delivering to seem positive the certification.
This, is clear, is only a starting point to have a more and more efficient company, raising the level of quality in the product, and winding down of the costs.

Always ready to offer new and quality product, SALMEC thanks the old ones,the presents and the future customers who have given and who will give us the possibility to grow every day more, helping you to resolve the everyday problems

Wishing you a good and profitable working day,
Sincerely yours
Responsible for internal quality
Damiano Bragagnolo